5 Essential Tips on Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

You can't maintain high-quality products without high-quality refrigeration.

If you expect your restaurant to make it for the long-haul, you'd better take care of your walk-in fridge. This is one of the keys to your day to day operations and if it's not cared for, it's going to show in what your customers get.

Because your refrigerator is one of your appliances that gets constant use, you'll probably notice that it needs perpetual attention. If you don't want to be calling in for repairs every few weeks, then you should probably learn a thing or two about performing commercial refrigeration maintenance.

In this post, we're going to give you a quick rundown on how to solve the most common problems that these kinds of refrigerators face. If it goes beyond this guide, then you should call in a professional.

Essential Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

There are four main problems that you'll see pop up on a regular basis with walk-in and reach-in units. Luckily, most of the time the solution isn't very complicated. Let's take a look at these problems and how to solve them.

1. If You're Having Power Issues

If the entire unit shuts off and you can't get it turned back on, try the following things to try to restore power.

  • Examine the power cord for any fraying or splitting.
  • If you're using an extension cord to power the refrigerator, stop. Unless it's a heavy-duty one, a commercial refrigerator is going to give out too much power. A lot of companies will void your warranty if you damage a unit because you used an extension cord.

2. If It's Not Cold Enough

If the temperature is showing not cold enough or you can actually feel that it's warming up, it could be a sign of a mechanical problem. Before you call in the mechanic, try these steps.

  • Ensure that your compressor is working. It may be top-mounted, so ensure that there's nothing on top of your fridge, blocking it.
  • If your shelves aren't installed properly, it can create an airflow problem within the unit.
  • Check your condenser coils. If dirt and grease build-up on them, it can have an effect on their performance.
  • It's always good to make sure that something you're doing isn't what's causing this defect. Sometimes if the door is being opened too often or if your kitchen is too hot, it can affect the fridge. It could also be too full of food or too close to other pieces of equipment in your kitchen.

3. If It's Too Cold

If it's too cold, you could end up with a build-up of ice that might ruin your product. Look at the following things to try and bring the temperature down.

  • Again, if the doors aren't closing properly, the refrigerator could overwork to compensate. This can greatly shorten the lifespan of your unit and increase your energy bill.
  • Listen to hear if the fan is making noise. A broken fan needs to be fixed immediately or your unit will need much more costly repairs.
  • If you've got auto-defrost, fans are working to thaw out your condenser coils. This is when ice builds up. If you don't have auto-defrost, make sure that you're defrosting your unit when you've got a quarter of an inch of ice build-up.

4. If You're Getting a Water Leak

When your unit is leaking water, it can mean that something is off in your kitchen like uneven flooring or humidity is too high. It can also mean that the evaporator pan is full.

  • If your kitchen is too humid, the excess moisture can create dripping around your doors. Consider better air conditioning if this is the case.
  • When the refrigerator is on uneven flooring, it can tip and overflow the evaporator pan.
  • It could also be the evaporator pan itself. Is the pan moldy or worn? If the pan is too full, there could be a problem with your compressor. The water in the evaporator pan needs the compressor's heat to evaporate.

Don't Hesitate to Call a Professional

If trying these fixes for these issues doesn't work, then never hesitate to call a professional. The longer you wait, the worse the problems could get. Don't jeopardize the longevity of your commercial refrigerator.

For help with your commercial refrigeration unit in Waco, Texas, check out McNamara Custom Services. We can diagnose and fix problems with your refrigerator unit at an affordable price. Sometimes it's just better to call in the pros when you need help.

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