A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Refrigerator: Options for days

… Did you know you have a lot of refrigeration options?

Well, we intend to break down the many different aspects to consider when considering purchasing a new fridge. This quick and easy breakdown makes choosing the perfect refrigeration option that suits your specific needs.

Brands + Advertising 

Let’s start with brands. Brands love to advertise. Advertising, while a great tool for most businesses, can sometimes mislead people into false ideas that some brands are better than others, sometimes to the point of refusing to believe anything other than their original assumptions regardless of absolute proof to the contrary. 

Basically the general rule of thumb for ads that actually increase sales (7th rule of advertising) is this: the product you hear named most often is the one you’ll be most likely to purchase. Not to say that is always a bad thing. 

Top Brands + Brand Recognition Value

Actually, those top names you recognize in refrigeration should matter to you. Try sticking with mainstream brands: Kitchenaid, Thermador, Cove, SubZero, Kenmore, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Wolf, Frigidaire, Avanti, Igloo, Danby, and GE. Consumer Affairs released a list of the top 10 brands in 2020, and half of the brands listed in the last sentence are on it. So go ahead and make sure you find a good brand you like and trust from our list. 

Brand names in the appliance world really do matter. Larger brands are companies that can afford to spend more than the actual value of your purchase in order to make you happy with your product. Happy customers help to build businesses for the long-term, whereas unhappy customers can demolish the business faster than it ever took to build. 

Why bother caring about customer service when I’m buying brand new?

Well, all things tend to break eventually… 

Plus, According to Customer Thermometer’s reported consumer stats for 2020, customer service is a super important variable where unhappy customers are more likely to tell others about the experience than happy ones, and they will tell about 5 times as many people (average 15 people told) than happy customers (average 3 people told). 

The numbers here are abysmal and expensive so go with the brand that can handle the financial responsibility of keeping you happy over the many years you have this appliance in your home.

Now that you know what brands to stick with, consider what you need to store and your overall needs…

Some Refrigeration Options + Typical Usage

If you run a restaurant and prefer to stock large quantities of frozen and/or chilled ingredients for your chef’s convenience, consider looking into walk-in coolers and freezers. If you like to prep food for the week but don’t have the room for a week of meal prepped containers on top of the ingredients you have stored for it… Maybe a compact refrigerator is right for you. Also look at under-the-counter fridge options. Make sure you know what storage sizes you can accommodate reasonably, whether you need freestanding freezers or can handle some built in options.

Corporate buildings might prefer top-loading freezers with the single fridge door. If you have a nice company to treat you, you might have a fully stocked kitchen with stainless steel appliances all around. The fridge might be a french style smart-glass door you can interact with and has internal cameras so you can see what you still have to snack on later. It’s smart enough to keep you organized, even if you can’t.

If you want a feature for proper sabbath observance, there’s a button with the feature you always needed and never had.

Don’t forget to account for what the outside doors look like. You can have black, white, stainless steel, and there are even custom panel options so you can match your cabinets and make the fridge blend in. Also, just because something says it’s commercial or industrial sized doesn’t mean you can’t have it. If you have the ability, can handle it on your property, and reasonably expect to have regular and genuine use for it, go for it. 

There are no rules here on what you can order other than whatever you get needs to fit in the space you have for it. All other aspects are completely your choice. Off now to get an ice maker (yet another option).

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