How Do Refrigerators Work? Understanding Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigerators are a staple in the food industry.

Businesses like supermarkets, restaurants, and even food delivery trucks rely on refrigeration. Without a way to keep food cold, so much would go to waste and we would have no way to transport it.

You're probably wondering, "how do refrigerators work?" You know what their importance is, but what makes them able to cool food?

Well, you're not the only one!

To learn about how refrigerators keep food cold, keep reading!

What Makes Up a Commercial Refrigerator?

A commercial refrigerator has these basic components...

All these components work together to keep commercial refrigerators running cold.

How Do Refrigerators Work?

There's a cycle that all the components create as they work together. Here's how it works...

1. The compressor in the refrigerator will constrict refrigerant vapor. Next, the pressure from the refrigerant vapor will rise. The pressure pushes the vapor into coils that are outside of the refrigerator.

2. Once this pressure is pushed into the coils, it becomes hot gas. This hot gas will become a liquid once it mixes with the colder air temperature in the kitchen.

3. Once the vapor has become a liquid form that's at a high pressure, the refrigerant will cool it back down. The liquid continues to cool as it moves down into the coils located in the freezer and the fridge.

4. The refrigerant works by absorbing any heat that's inside the fridge and cooling it down.

5. Lastly, a gas results from the liquid evaporating. This flows back through the compressor and the cycle will start over again.

What Are Walk-In Coolers?

Walk-in coolers are a necessary piece of equipment for storing perishable food.

The food industry especially needs walk-in coolers.

Walk-in coolers are usually fairly small rooms that are enclosed to keep the cold air in the cooler. They are usually used as a medium-term storage. Like we mentioned previously, walk-in coolers also use an evaporator and a condenser to keep food cold.

Different Types of Walk-In Coolers

Walk-in coolers come in a few different types which fit different needs.


With a self-contained walk-in cooler, a cold storage room is what keeps food cold. The evaporator and condenser are built within one unit which is usually found outside the building.

Remote Condensing

Remote condensing walk-ins have a condenser and an evaporator that are built separately. These components may be found on the roof of the building.

Multiplex Condensing

A multiplex condensing walk-in is different from the other units. This is because the evaporators and condensers are built in the building. Plus, the multiplex has more than one evaporator and condenser.

Commercial Refrigeration Broken Down

The operation of a commercial refrigerator is a cycle that includes a few different components.

Now that you know the answer to your question, "how do refrigerators work?" you can look into getting a commercial refrigerator!

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