5 Common HVAC Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you have a new air conditioning system and need to know what to avoid?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are responsible for good indoor air quality (IAQ) in commercial areas. Without it, there are several health risk factors at play, and respiratory issues are one of them. It also plays a key role in improving the comfort of your employees and clients.

Many business owners still make HVAC maintenance mistakes. So, here are some mistakes and how to avoid or prevent them.

1. Forgetting to Replace Filters

Replacing air filters is essential in maintaining good airflow. Depending on the size of your HVAC units, you may need to replace your filters every month for up to six months.

Forgetting to replace your HVAC air filters can lead to the build-up of dust, mold spores, and other harmful air pollutants. These pollutants are detrimental to your employees’ and customers’ health.

2. Delaying Maintenance

Business owners must have an HVAC maintenance budget for a regular tune-up of the systems. Delaying a tune-up can increase the chances of unexpected system breakdowns. It can also shorten the lifespan of your HVAC units.

Even if your HVAC is functioning doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a tune-up. Even slight strange sounds or smells coming from your unit may be a cause to worry. Calling your professional service providers will help mitigate the costs of a breakdown.

3. Not Upgrading an Outdated Unit

The average lifespan for HVAC systems lasts around 10 years with proper maintenance. If you’re using units older than that, you should consider replacing them as soon as possible. Old HVAC units are not efficient, and they can cause a rising electric bill.

Health is also a factor you need to consider. Since outdated units are less efficient, they also can’t filter bacteria and molds. There are many health-related issues caused by poor IAQ or contaminated air due to a failing HVAC system.

4. Using the Wrong Materials to Clean Your Units

Cleaning your HVAC units alone is not enough; you also need the proper materials to do it. Avoid using harsh cleaners to scrub debris off your unit. These tools can ruin materials in your vents and can cause expensive damages.

Use appropriate cleaning materials like microfiber cloths and gentle soaps. Make sure that your unit is dry before reattaching parts. This is critical in regular HVAC maintenance and is one of the most overlooked HVAC maintenance mistakes.

5. Doing Repairs on Your Own

You may think attempting your repairs is saving you money, but that’s not the case. You’re only putting your HVAC system at risk of serious damages. HVAC technicians are professionals with licenses who can assess and fix problems.

That’s not only the serious consequence of trying to fix your HVAC system. Accidents like electrocution are common in this industry, and without proper training, risks are twice as high. HVAC installations and repairs are dangerous and need professionals with specialized safety training.

Avoid Common HVAC Maintenance Mistakes

It’s difficult to know all the things to avoid when it comes to managing your HVAC units. It’s always better to call professional technicians to handle your HVAC problems. This way, you'll receive top-notch services while avoiding the most common HVAC maintenance mistakes!

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