5 Signs Your Commercial HVAC Is in Desperate Need of Maintenance

Is your commercial HVAC system in need of maintenance? If so, it's important to act quickly. Delaying this much-needed service can lead to unnecessary damage and even costly repairs.

Not sure if your system needs maintenance? No worries! This is your guide.

In this article, we'll walk you through five top signs that it's time for service.

1. Wrong Temperature

When it comes to commercial HVAC issues, the most obvious sign of trouble is simple: The system isn't heating up or cooling down properly.

As a unit's components wear out, they are forced to work harder to perform the same basic functions. This causes your system to run for longer, but less efficiently. So ideal temperatures are harder to reach and maintain.

If the HVAC system always seems to be running, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong. And it might be time for professional HVAC maintenance or even repairs.

2. Sluggish Startup

Thermostat issues are among the most common commercial HVAC problems. And a system taking longer than it should to start up might be your first indication that something has gone wrong with this vital component.

Because the thermostat relays information about commands and temperature between your system's different components, the unit won't be able to function properly without it.

3. Poor Ventilation

The purpose of your HVAC system isn’t just to regulate temperature, but to also ensure proper ventilation.

If your unit isn't properly ventilating your space, the air inside can become polluted, sometimes with worse quality than the air outside! If specific areas of the building have air that seems stuffy or stale, you could have a blockage in your ducts.

4. Unusual Odors

Ventilation issues may be accompanied by odd or foul odors. Smells associated with your HVAC unit might be metallic, oily, or pungent. And, in some cases, these unpleasant odors can take over an entire building.

If you smell something strange coming from your unit, don't wait to act. You likely have major blockages in your ducts. This issue will require filter changes throughout the building, and obviously, that blockage will need to be removed.

Other smells, like burning plastic, could indicate a more serious issue. This can be a sign of short-circuiting or electrical issues.

5. Rising Costs

Has your electric bill been going up? No matter the size of your system, HVAC is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to your consumption.

As your HVAC unit gets older, it naturally becomes less efficient. But if you notice a major spike or faster than usual cost increase, a mechanical issue might be to blame.

Have your entire system professionally inspected to find out if simple maintenance can help or if it's time for a whole new system.

Commercial HVAC Service Made Easy

Now that you know a bit about the signs that your commercial HVAC unit needs service, it's time to give the entire unit a thorough inspection. And, if you find any issues, you'll need to call in the pros - that means a commercial HVAC company.

Contact us to learn more about our services or get a quote for your commercial HVAC repair. Our professional team of experts is standing by and happy to help with whatever you might need!

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