Commercial HVAC Maintenance: Is Your AC Ready for Summer?

Keeping your office cool during the summer helps employees stay comfortable while they work. If you haven't run the AC unit since last summer or fall, it's wise to take some critical steps to get it ready for a new season.

Without essential maintenance, your office AC system is at risk of damage when its runs again for the first time. Repairing a commercial HVAC system can be expensive. Preventive maintenance can have it ready for the summer without risking broken parts and hot days in the office without cool air.

Here's what to do before turning on the AC!

1. Turn Off the Power

Before conducting any preventive maintenance, turn the power off. Without cutting the power, you risk injury from an electric shock while cleaning and checking the HVAC system.

With the power off at the primary source, you're ready for the next step of how to prepare the air conditioner for summer.

2. Replace the Filters

Your commercial air-conditioning system should start a new season with clean air filters. If your system has reusable filters, pull them from the unit and clean them thoroughly.

Clean filters help your office air-conditioner push air more efficiently throughout the building. Easy airflow reduces energy costs, keeps your system running smoothly, and prevents damage to parts.

3. Clean the Coils and Condenser

Without the filter in place, clean the system's condenser and coils. Get behind the fan blades and grills to clean these parts thoroughly, but be gentle. If you don't have the right tools to clean these parts, a commercial HVAC technician can get to these areas and clean them properly.

4. Remove Debris

Allowing air to flow freely requires a debris-free area around the outdoor system. If you see debris inside the unit—like leaves, grass, and dirt—clear it out, as well.

These items can get caught up in the airflow and damage parts or block vents. Make sure grass, bushes, or tree limbs don't grow too close to the air-conditioning unit. If you discover overgrowth after a season without running the AC, take time to trim landscaping away before starting it again.

5. Check Coolant Lines

You might need to remove foam coverings to get to the coolant lines. Look for cracks or leaks and check coolant levels. When everything seems to be in good order, cover the lines with new foam insulation sleeves.

6. Replace Air Filters and Start the AC

Put everything back in place and test the HVAC system. Use it for the first time before the temperatures get too hot. If you hear strange noises or don't feel cool air through the vents, it's time for a commercial technician to service the system.

Use Professionals for Commercial HVAC Maintenance

If it seems like an overwhelming task to conduct commercial HVAC maintenance, call the professionals! At McNamara, we have the technicians you need to keep your office air-conditioning system running well before the hot summer temperatures hit.

Contact us to schedule a service appointment!

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