Maintenance Tips for Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

Have you ever experienced the pain of throwing away hundreds of dollars worth of perishables because your walk-in cooler or freezer stopped working?

With the right maintenance, most malfunctions can be minimized or completely prevented. Check out these maintenance tips for walk-in coolers and freezers that will help save you money and keep your perishables fresh.

Keep It Clean

Regularly cleaning your walk-in cooler and freezer is important for upkeep and the safety of the food inside. Using soap and warm water to clean the metal surfaces of your walk-in is recommended at least once a month. Try to avoid chemical cleaners, as they can potentially cause harm to metal surfaces.

You should also sweep and mop the floor inside and around the walk-in cooler and freezer. This will help eliminate any build-up of debris or dirt. Be sure to clean up any spills or leaks immediately to avoid the hazards of liquids freezing over.

Clean the Condenser

The condenser is essentially what keeps a walk-in cooler at the right temperature, so it’s critical to regularly clean the condenser coils. When the coils get clogged and dusty, it makes the compressor have to work a lot harder to keep the cooler at temperature and shortens its lifespan.

While some cleaning can occur while the walk-in is running, knowing how to turn off a walk-in cooler is important when cleaning the condenser. To safely do so, turn off the circuit breaker and then unplug the unit.

Once you have learned how to shut down a walk-in cooler and the power is off, it’s safe to clean the condenser unit. First, use a soft bristle to scrape dirt out of the coils. Then use a vacuum to clean up any of the excess dirt and debris.

Inspect Door Seals and Hinges

The door to the walk-in is an important part of maintaining the correct temperature. The door hinge should be lubricated quarterly and the seal should be checked to ensure the door is closing properly.

You'll know the seal is working if you feel resistance when opening and closing the door. If the resistance starts to weaken over time, it’s helpful to know how to seal a walk-in cooler.

The door of a walk-in cooler should never be propped open or left open for an extended period of time. The temperature of the walk-in will rise if the door is open too much. Generally speaking, the door should remain closed at all times unless an employee is entering or exiting the walk-in.

Check the Temperature Daily

Temperature variation in your walk-in is a clear sign that the unit isn’t working correctly. If you find that you frequently have to change the temperature control of your walk-in, you may require assistance from a technician.

Use These Maintenance Tips for Walk-in Coolers

Are you ready to roll your sleeves up and get to work on your walk-in cooler maintenance?

Use these maintenance tips for walk-in coolers and freezers to keep your perishables fresh. To get the most out of your walk-in cooler and freezer, contact the pros at McNamara Custom Services for service or professional cleaning today!

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