3 Important Cleaning Tips for Your Commercial Walk-In Refrigerator

How would you like to eat dirty food? No one would like that. Keeping food clean starts with a clean commercial walk-in refrigerator.

No matter what is stored in your fridge, all of its contents should be kept clean. A hygienic, sanitary refrigerator becomes that way through deep cleaning and preventative care.

Discover three important cleaning tips for your commercial fridge by reading on.

1. Clean the Surfaces

A surface-level cleaning isn't necessarily a shallow clean.

You should clean the fridge's interior and exterior at least monthly, preferably weekly. Remove all shelves, trays, and other items from the fridge to temporarily store them in a cool place.

Turn off the circuit breaker to ensure the fridge is off before unplugging it. Once it's off, clean surfaces and shelves with a soft cloth and brush. Don't use cleaning solvents or abrasives.

Commercial fridge cleaning professionals can get the job done more efficiently with special equipment and non-toxic solutions.

2. Clean the Coils

Cleaning your fridge's condenser coils is important.

Start by finding the coils on the top, bottom, or back of the fridge. Next, unplug the fridge. Remove protective coverings and move the fridge as necessary to get to the coils.

You have to remove the front protective grille on a bottom-coil fridge. On a back-coil fridge, move the fridge away from the wall. If you have a top-coil fridge, carefully remove the top protective covering.

Next, loosen any dirt and dust from the fridge's hose with a coil brush. Then, sweep up the dirt and any other debris on the floor with a vacuum hose attachment.

Try to find the fan, to clean it. Finally, put the protective coverings back on, return the fridge to where it was, and plug it in.

3. Clean It All

The third and final tip is to do a deep clean.

That means using soap and water, not severe chemicals. At least twice a year, get water, soap, and a self-rinsing cleaner to sanitize your condensing coils and evaporator.

Clean the drain lines at least once a year. Have a service technician clean them and rid them of any debris.

Clean the door gaskets by wiping them down with water and soap to stop mold or bacterial growth. You should replace any cracked, damaged, or stiff gaskets.

Finally, mop or sweep the floors to purify them of food and other debris that lead to pests or mold.

A Clean Commercial Walk-In Refrigerator

Your commercial walk-in refrigerator can be a work of art if kept clean and well-maintained. Your company's food and other items will remain impeccably clean if the surrounding fridge is as well.

Just like with other aspects of your business, a clean fridge takes diligent preparation and care. Having a professional do the job doesn't hurt either.

To keep your commercial fridge spick-and-span, contact the pros at McNamara Custom Services today.

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