3 Warning Signs of Commercial Refrigerant Leaks (and What to Do About It)

Did you know that most air conditioners need to be replaced in 10 to 20 years? Depending on how old the models are, the air conditioning unit may start malfunctioning either by slowing breaking or leaking consistently. So, how can you tell if an AC unit is leaking?

With this guide, you can find out! From finding the evaporator coils frozen to noticing higher electric bills, you can learn the top warning signs of refrigerant leaks and what to do.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here's a quick look at how to detect a refrigerant leak:

1. Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air

One of the easiest ways to spot a refrigerant leak is if your air conditioner only blows hot or warm air. After all, if your thermostat is set to cool, it should blow cold air if it's working properly. If you only feel cold air in the evening when the outdoor temperature drops or none at all, you most definitely have a refrigerant leak.

To fix this problem, call our office today. We specialize in Refrigeration/ AC and offer a range of services from repair services, preventive maintenance to even remodeling. We'll thoroughly check your air conditioner to see where the leak is coming from and offer our services on the best method to repair it.

2. Coils Are Frozen

Another way to tell if there is a refrigerant leak is if the coils are frozen. Coils can't absorb heat when insufficient refrigerant levels begin to circulate, so they'll begin to freeze.

Oftentimes the frost will melt and even drip on the floor, creating a small puddle. This can be dangerous to children and pets around and perhaps even create mold if left untreated.

While you may think ice on the evaporator coil isn't too alarming, it can lead to a complete system breakdown and often costly repairs. It's best to call a knowledgeable team like our trusted AC professionals that can diagnose the problem and repair it with ease.

3. Electric Bills Are Higher Than Normal

Have you noticed your electric bills have increased in recent months? Higher electric bills are a sign that your air conditioning unit is working harder and more frequently than necessary to keep your office building at the same temperature. After all, running an air conditioning unit costs on average $0.06 to $0.88 per hour.

To repair your air conditioner, you should schedule a maintenance visit with our AC company. That way, you can fix the problem before it gets worse and turns into a major issue.

Get Your Refrigerant Leaks Fixed Today

Your AC unit may be experiencing a refrigerant leak if you notice one or all of these signs: your AC is only blowing hot air, your electric bills have increased; also, you've noticed the coils are frozen. However, not to worry, professional Refrigerant/ AC specialists will help diagnose the problem and repair it quickly and efficiently.

If you believe you're experiencing refrigerant leaks, contact us today. We look forward to helping you!

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