Commercial Refrigeration: What is a Walk in Cooler and Does My Grocery Store Need One?

Refrigeration methods for your grocery store vary based on what you need and how you operate. A walk-in cooler is an enclosed area that is meant for storing perishable food items so that they don't go bad before you get the chance to sell them. A walk-in cooler is large enough that you have to walk into to get or store your products.

From saving perishable foods to being more energy-efficient, the benefits of having a walk-in cooler installed in your grocery store are pretty much endless. Read on to learn more about why a walk-in cooler is the ideal commercial refrigeration option for your grocery store.

Save More Money

Walk-in coolers are more energy-efficient than other types of refrigeration. Because they don't use as much energy, you will find that you are saving more money on your electricity costs. You will also find that this isn't the only reason that you are saving money.

A proper refrigeration system will help you to spoil less vegetation. This means that you aren't spending additional funds on replacing the rotted fruits and vegetables. The right custom commercial refrigeration will help you to rotate your fresh produce and make sure that you are using the items that you've had longer.

Save Tons of Space

When storing perishable foods, it's important to be able to keep enough product to keep your customers happy. You will be able to keep a variety of different products from fruits, vegetables, and dairy in bulk to make sure that you aren't constantly running out of a certain product.

More room means that you can put your organization skills to good use. Your products will be displayed in such a way that you can go in and find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds instead of minutes in the chilly atmosphere, saving you time for some of the more important tasks that come with running or managing a grocery store.

Less Maintenance Required

This type of refrigeration requires proper ventilation and airflow to run well. Maintaining these things along with routine cleaning will help you to lower the cost of maintenance needed throughout the life of your walk-in cooler. You will even find that you aren't dishing out a ton of money on repairs.

It's important to remember, however, that some problems are inevitable. Make sure you are still prepared for the things that still might happen. McNamara is here for any issues that you may have with your walk-in cooler.

Commercial Refrigeration: Walk-in Cooler

If you are looking to save money and be more energy-efficient, a walk-in cooler is an ideal solution for your grocery store needs.

Contact McNamara Custom Services, Inc today for a custom refrigeration solution for your grocery store. We'd be happy to install your walk-in cooler as well as service it when it does inevitably run into issues.

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