Keep It Cool: How Do Walk-in Coolers Work?

So you've heard about walk-in coolers before, and to be honest, they sound pretty cool. After all, the walk-in closet became a thing, and now everyone has one. The walk-in cooler is just the next big thing waiting to happen.

Then you think of something. Freezers are should you really be walking into them? Soon, other questions concerning the cooler start to arise about its safety and practical use. Before you know it, you might be wondering if you should even have a walk-in freezer at all.

This article is here to assuage your fears about the walk-in cooler. You'll be able to learn what it is, how it works, and why you could benefit from having one of your own. Keep reading to find out more!

What Exactly Are Walk-in Coolers?

Well, to keep it simple, they're coolers...that you can walk into.

That being said, you didn't come here for such a simple answer; you need the details. A walk-in refrigerator was designed to take on heavy-duty tasks that come with working in the food industry, or any industry that needs to keep a large number of foods and drinks cool.

These powerful freezers tend to take up a space of no more than 3,000 square feet making them quite compact and convenient. Whereas standard refrigerators are used as short-term storage, walk-in freezers can keep goods cool for a greater length of time, reducing the number of perishable foods in any business.

How Do They Work?

Just like a normal refrigeration unit, walk-in freezers have a cooling unit made up of two parts to keep things chill: an evaporator system inside of the unit and a condenser to move heat outside of the unit to keep things cool. There are three types of walk-in coolers: self-contained, remote, and multiplex.

Self-contained freezers have the evaporator and condenser in one unit and are usually located outside of the place of work. Remote freezers have the condenser located away from the refrigerator (for example, the roof) and can be placed indoors. Lastly, multiplex systems us a complex system of multiple condensing units and evaporators.

The Benefits of a Walk-in Freezer

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a walk-in refrigerator is that it can store a lot of stuff - more than your standard fridge could ever imagine. If your business is set on growing, you're going to need one of these to keep up with the scaling.

There's also the fact that they're better at keeping food cold, which means you hold on to your food longer and reduce food waste, lowering your business expenses. With these benefits in mind, it's obvious that getting a walk-in cooler is the right choice. Take the time to search for one that's right for you!

We're Here to Help You

Now that you know about the benefits of walk-in coolers, you're bound to want to get a walk-in freezer of your own. That being the case, you're also going to need a company you can rely on to take care of any maintenance or repairs you'll need. We're the ones to help you with the job.

At McNamara Custom Services, we offer the services you need to keep your business going strong. We handle everything from refrigeration and AC repairs, welding & cutting processes, commercial & residential plumbing services, and so much more.

Want to learn more? Simply click on any of the links on our site to discover what we do, or give us a call to see how we can serve you. We look forward to helping your company succeed!

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